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Verbal reasoning is language- based problem solving. Understanding Reasoning verbal Reasoning explores question involving language and meaning, helping children to understand and reason using words. Offering step-by-step explanations, it stretches children’s ability to think things through- building confidence for school selection tests and helping to develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Understanding Reasoning is a two-book series of study books for children at key stage 2 and above. Each book provides concise instruction on how to answer reasoning questions, as found in the 11+, 12+, 13+ and other school selection tests, along with plenty of examples and questions to consolidate learning. Verbal reasoning activities use letters and words to explore pupils’ understanding of language and meaning. Using methods that are quite distinct from traditional literacy activities, pupils’ verbal skills are stretched to the full.

Designed for independent use, at home or in school, the two books in this series look separately at verbal and non-verbal reasoning. All the main question types are covered and practice page at the end of each section enable children to apply the techniques they have learned. Correct answers are supplied with explanations where appropriate, to enhance learning. A combined index and glossary ensures that children understand the vocabulary required to complete the questions

key features of Understanding Reasoning

  • An Explanation to introduce each topic
  • Activities to consolidate and revise knowledge and skills
  • Helpful hints to give extra information on how to approach activities
  • Tips for tests to help children prepare for exams


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