How To Be Good At Maths: The Visual Guide


  • Step by step explanations
  • Covers all the maths needed for ages 7-11
  • colourful graphics
  • Key stage 2 curriculum

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This comprehensive maths book for primary school children and their parents keeps the subject simple from start to finish. Whether solving subtraction, mastering multiples, or deciphering division, How to be Good at Maths has got you covered.

Eyecatching graphics and step-by-step sequences work together to lay the foundations of numeracy. There is plenty of fun to be had with exciting examples to aid accessibility and understanding. You’ll fly down a zipwire to get the gist of geometry, time a robot runner in the race to deduce decimals, and use space scales to weigh yourself on giant planet Jupiter.

Made with home learning in mind, How to be Good at Maths also contains memorable facts and extra challenges to refresh your knowledge throughout. Primary school maths can be practised again and again to ensure this tricky topic is easier than ever before.

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