My Animal Stories Reading Library


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Contains 30 exciting titles from the Usborne Reading Programme. With a selection of books from Usborne First Reading and Usborne Young Reading, there is plenty of choice for both children who are just learning to read independently and for young readers who need their confidence boosting.

Included are:

  • The Rabbit’s Tale
  • The Wish Fish 
  • How Zebras Got Their Stripes 
  • The Little Giraffe 
  • The Dragon and the Phoenix 
  • The Chilly Little Penguin 
  • Bears 
  • The Little Red Hen 
  • The Lion and the Mouse 
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper 
  • Chicken Licken 
  • The Scaredy Cat 
  • The King’s Pudding 
  • The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs 
  • The Musicians of Bremen 
  • The Leopard and the Sky God 
  • The Hare and the Tortoise 
  • The Ugly Duckling 
  • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse 
  • The Emperor and the Nightingale 
  • Androcles and the Lion 
  • The Owl and the Pussycat 
  • Animal Legends 
  • Puss in Boots 
  • Stories of Magical Animals 
  • The Billy Goats Gruff 
  • Stories of Ponies 
  • Stories of Unicorns   
  • Stories of Dragons 
  • Stories of Dinosaurs 

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