Understanding Maths Problem Solving Key Stage 2


  • KS 2

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Children need to develop the mathematical skills to solve real-life problems and puzzles. This book also develops strategies for solving different maths problems, from deciphering the question to deciding on a solution.Problem  Solving meets the National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 2 maths, including the following topics: choosing operations, solving word problems, number puzzles, scaling, time, large numbers, negative numbers, square numbers, shape puzzles, money problems, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and the distributive law.

Understanding Maths is a series of topic-based study books for children in Key Stage 2, providing rigorous practice of key subject areas. Each topic contains a concise summary of the information required by the National Curriculum, making the series ideal for use as preparation for the Key Stage 2 tests. Each book is a stand-alone resource, so children can either work through them in order or focus on individual aspects of the subject. Together, the nine books support the whole of the Key Stage 2 maths curriculum, providing a solid foundation for success in maths.

Key features of Understanding Maths include:

  • an ‘Explanation’ to introduce each topic
  • activities to consolidate and revise knowledge and skills
  • thought-provoking facts to foster a love of learning beyond the National Curriculum
  • regular ‘Progress tests’ and a ‘Final test’ to track children’s development.

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